31 May 2013

One Project - many different ways

As so many people message me about the '1001 stranger project' and show me their own results, there is something I really want to say. 
I love that I encouraged so many of you to start this wonderful project BUT do it your own way! There is no point in simply copying the version someone else already did. Find your own arrangement, composition and style! There is a pool on flickr where many different photographers add their stranger photo: get inspired! Typically you take one rather simple portrait of every stranger, but there are different versions:

Some take a unposed. whole-body photo in landscape format of the stranger with only telling them to look into the camera:


Some take a black and white photo in portrait format with the person standing:


Some take only parts of their strangers and combine them:


Some take a really close portrait with only a super small sharp area:


Some take analog, black/white portraits in square formate with the people not looking into the camera:


And I take a quite close portrait and combine it with a smaller photo of what the person was wearing. I do this because I adore faces! That's why the close-up photo is the focus and the whole-body shot is only a small extra because clothes tell a lot about a person:

As you can see there are many different ways to do a stranger project. 

Find you own way!


  1. Wow, this is so inspiring! Your blog is everything i seek for in a blog. Your pictures are beautiful!¨

    I sometimes find myself in a moment, where I want to shoot a picture of a stranger, but I never seem to find the courage to actually do it.

    I would like natural pictures, where people aren't posing, but from my experience I know, that if people are aware of the camera, they become awfully self conscious. Do you have any advice for, how I can do it without making people angry?