13 August 2012

Mark II vs Nikon D5000

Both SOOC obviously. So guess which was made with which camera! (click it +  click the loupe)

Of course the difference because of the fullframe censor is significant..


  1. I'm confused. I would have said the upper ones in the first two dyptichs and the left one in the third were shot with the mark II as I'd expect better quality from the mark II. but now I'm not sure if I'm fooled by the warmer tones. plus if you shot the last dyptich with the same lens from the same distance, the right one would be the mark II because of the fullframe.

  2. is it the darker one the canon 5d II?! oh.....the other one look even better, more brightness, more colors.

  3. Soooooorry for the delay: The upper ones / the left one are taken with my old NikonD5000. The only evidence is the closer crop in the last pair (as you said Julia). I was so confused too. But I guess it's the warmer tones as Julia mentioned... I guess I couldn't use the Mark II to its full potential because I wasn't used to the menu...

    I will have to test the Nikon D700 or D800 to really have a chance to compare with mine :)

  4. Awh cool! this was really interesting laura!!