07 June 2012

square format or not

i don't know what to think. on the one hand it's really beautiful but on the other hand the square format always kills a part of the original image (which i kind of miss)....


  1. Laura, ich hoffe, dir geht es inzwischen etwas besser. Ansonsten "schicke" ich dir ganz viel Liebe und Wärme und Kraft, dass du alles überstehst.

    Ich finde Square Crops ganz super, wenn ich das Subjekt in den Vordergrund stellen möchte und der Hintergrund zu sehr ablenken würde. Deine Bilder sind in jedem Format toll! :)
    Mir gefällt es besonders bei Foto 1, 5 und7.

    Und ein Tipp: Damit kein Teil des Fotos verloren geht, was du befürchstest ist es immer besser ein Foto nicht

  2. I think they are beautiful. (:

  3. I really like squares. because they cut out the background and the surroundings.
    squares have more power and more impact. they're small and precise, the information is very compact and there's nothing distracting. I think square photos are very minimalist but in a good way.

  4. I love square formats (the square is a very powerful geometrical symbol, not necessairly as a crop but rather as a sign per se, in a broader sense). But I think that when it comes to cropping each image has its necessities, it is impossibile to prefer one or the other without considering the image. In the ones you uploaded I'd say that the square format works perfectly for the last one. It adds meaning, power, it leaves some details consciounsly unsaid, it stirs imagination. In other pics before that, the square crop cramps the image, it stifles it (on the second and third especially). Each image has its perfect crop, we have to feel it and bring it out. anyways, great shots as always!

  5. I know exactly what you mean with the square format (and also what you wrote on flickr). It really is a matter of taste and style, I always get the impression, if you use square format you should stick to it, I dunno why, maybe I'm just an organization maniac who can't bear different formats in one place. :) I'm not a big fan of square either, I couldn't even state a reason.

  6. Square or rectangle, I couldn't take my eyes off you.